• Spin, Inc.

    Spin Inc, a 501(c)(3) organization providing DJ and Music production education for the youth and adults, serving Detroit communities as an alternative creative and educational outlet

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Here is a list of courses we are offering

Spin Master 101

  • Hardware and Equipment Uses
  • Multiple Mediums
  • Rhythm and Timing Lessons.

Spin Master 102

  • Beat Matching
  • Cue Point Techniques
  • Scratching
  • Sound Shaping and Effects


  • Beat-juggling
  • Quick Mix Techniques
  • Live Looping
  • Custom Setups

Ableton Beginner

  • Basic Elements of Live
  • Mixing Techniques
  • Song Composition

Ableton Advanced

  • Sampling
  • Sound Design
  • Advanced Mixing and Mastering

Push Masters

  • Push Mastering
  • Ableton Seminars
  • Production Engineering

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