Our Core Values are built into an acronym I.C.E. C.O.L.D

  • Innovate
  • Cultivate
  • Encourage
  • Community
  • Obligation
  • Love of the Art
  • Discipline/Dedication

To uplift the mind and spirit and heal our communities with positive creative expression through the use of music.

The Why

Our children are bombarded by negative music and the effects can be seen in the attitudes about themselves, others and their communities where they live. Music is a reflection of life and music mold minds and behaviors.

The Problem

Our children face is negative music = negative attitudes=negative environment=negative outcomes. Lack of respect for self and others, violence and the glorification of the life style. No sense of responsibility for the music that is negative and its impact.

Our Solution

Spin Inc. will implement a pilot program(Spin University) which teaches fundamentals of mixing and scratching using a variety of professional trade hardware and software. Hiphop 101 will be a comprehensive overview of the history of hiphop and djing. Students will learn to use the turntables as an instrument including cutting, scratching, beat jugging and drumming. There will be group discussions of the impact of music and the community. We encourage using music as a tool to heal communities and inspire its youth.